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Workstation Terbaik untuk Deep Learning, Data Science, dan Machine Learning (ML) untuk tahun 2021

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2018 Data Science Bowl – Towards AI — The World’s Leading AI and Technology Publication

Author(s): Kriz Moses Deep Learning A case study on Nucleus Segmentation across imaging experiments using Deep CNNs (UNet, UNet++, HRNet) Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Table of Contents Abstract Introduction– Problem Statement and Dataset used– ML Formulation of

Deep learning model to predict mRNA degradation – Towards AI — The Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering

Author(s): Abid Ali Awan Deep Learning Designing a deep learning model that will predict degradation rates at each base of an RNA molecule using the Eterna dataset comprising over 3000 RNA molecules. Image 1 mRNA vaccines are

What is TensorFlow, and how does it work? – Towards AI — The Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering

Author(s): Mohit Varikuti Deep Learning What is TensorFlow? TensorFlow is an open-source end-to-end framework for building Machine Learning apps. It’s a symbolic math toolkit that performs a variety of tasks including deep neural network training and inference

Soar your Bet in Data Science Using Unix Cmds

Author(s): Karthik Bhandary Data Science When I ask you, “for what purpose do you use the command line/terminal?”, you probably tell me “To run the scripts, obviously!”. I know that we use it to run the scripts,

Workflow of a Data Science Project

Author(s): Raman Kumar Jha Data Science Data science projects are a kind of projects where output is often a set of actionable insights, the insights which may cause you to do things differently. To understand the workflow

Top 5 Free Cloud IDE For Data Science 2021

Author(s): Abid Ali Awan Data Science Top 5 Free Cloud IDEs For Data Science 2021 Jumpstart your data science career with top free IDE with a built-in environment, CPU, Storage, and python packages. Learn new skills, create a

The Beginner’s Guide to Data Science

Author(s): Abid Ali Awan Data Science Why data science is so attractive, and what things do you need to know before starting your journey into the world of wonders. Image by starline Introduction Hi! my name is Abid, and

Read This If You’re Thinking of Switching into Data Science from Your Existing Career

Author(s): Arunn Thevapalan You‘ve got something valuable we don’t. Continue reading on Towards AI » Published via Towards AI

What’s YouTube utilizing AI to urge videos? — Towards AI — The Very Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering

Author(s): Daksh Trehan Machine Learning Who is the boss? The users or algorithm? By nerdschalk through Pinterest Having a high user base includes a powerful recommendation method. You understand me guys, I really like to decode intriguing